The First Japan Lecture

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  • Pocket Coins
  • Open Travelers
  • Hypnotic Stone
  • Wild Coin: Triple Change
  • Trilogy
  • Capped
  • Ball and Coins
  • Hang Time
  • Thanks to Kaps
  • Easy Handkerchief Backfire


By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

This is the “english version” of David Neighbors’ First Japan lecture from 1993.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Pocket Coins” – The magician shows a pocket that has been torn off a pair of jeans.  “This”, he explains, “is where I keep all of my money.”  The “pocket” is dropped on the table and he proceeds to produce thee coins from it, one at a time.  The coins magically jump back into the pocket then back out again.  Once more, the coins jump back into the pocket and completely vanish!
  • “Balls and Coins” – Three half dollars change places with a shrunken baseball several times, then vanishes completely.  The ball instantly expands to a full size and then also vanishes.
  • “Thanks to Kaps” – A Chinese coin and a half dollar repeatedly change places when wrapped in a silk.  Finally, it is revealed that two extra coins have been used throughout the routine … two giant coins, that is!


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