Sound Routines

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Routines for the Rattle Gimmick. And all Stand-up no table stuff. 10 Routines.

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Written by Bob LaRue.

Coin magic to rattle their wits!  All of the routines in this book are designed to be performed standing up, without the need for a table.  Most of these routines are perfect for walk around magic in restaurants or for small groups.  Some of them will even play well for larger audiences, especially if you substitute silver dollars for halves.

Contents of Sound Routines:

  • Introduction to the Rattle Gimmick
  • Hopalong Half
  • Easy Con
  • Chinese Con
  • Home Again
  • Copper Silver Climax
  • Comic Book Coins
  • Framed Again
  • Crossed Coins
  • Killer Coins Through Silk
  • Stand Up, Triple Change Wild Coin


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