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  • Cards
    • Robo Card
    • Robo Transformer
    • Card Case Transpo
    • Card Under Glass Transposition
    • Easy Over Aces
  • Coins
    • Easy Alchemy
    • Lazy Cannibal Coins
    • One Cover Backfire Hank Assembly
    • Slow Motion Backfire Reverse
    • Still Tap Dancing
    • Two Card Instant Reverse
  • Bonus
    • Twice as Crazy
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By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr., Stuart Hayner, Benjamin B. Smith

Included in this set of notes are coin and card routines packed with high impact magical entertainment.  Every routine includes a series of surprises, concluding with an impossible finale.  Dave has carefully thought through each of these routines to provide a maximum of entertainment value while keeping difficult moves to a minimum.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Card Under Glass Transpo” – A selected card is placed face down under a glass.  A second card is selected.  The deck is spread face up to reveal one face down card.  The card proves to be the second selection.  Instantly it changes places with the card under the glass.  Nice finisher to a repeat card under glass routine!
  • “Easy Over Aces” – This is a simplified handling of Derek Dingle’s “Roll Over Aces”.  The four aces are placed face up in hte deck.  The deck is mixed face up and face down.  The magician cuts the deck several times, each time revealing an ace.  The deck is shown to have rest itself.  The packet of cards under each ace is shown to contain a Royal Flush!
  • “Easy Alchemy” – Under the influence of an Alchemist Stone, three Chinese coins turn into half dollars, one at a time.  Unfortunately, the process is unstable, as all three half dollars instantly turn back into Chinese coins!
  • “One Cover Backfire Hank Assembly” – Four half dollars are displayed.  One is placed in each corner of an opened handkerchief.  the coin at the top left corner is covered by a cloth square.  One at a time the coins are slipped under the lower right corner of the handkerchief, vanished, only to join the coin under the cover.  When the last coin is attempted, the coins backfire, with all four ending up under the lower right corner!
  • “Twice As Crazy” – Originally published in the September 1992 edition of The Minotaur.  This is David’s version of the “Uncanny Penetrating Rubber Bands” (also known as “The Crazy Man Handcuffs) in “The Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume 7“.  In this routine, rubber bands magically melt through each other, one stand at a time!


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