Going Blank: Packet Miracles From a Full Deck

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  • An Opening Note
  • Blind Ambition
  • Invisible Travelers
  • Neo-Impressionists
  • Time Off Universal
    • Bonus
      • McHenry Sleeper Aces II
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By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

This book presents five stunning packet tricks using cards withdrawn from a regular deck.  Each effect concludes with a David Neighbors trademark kicker!  Just when you think the effect is over, the cards turn blank, change to Jokers, or disappear completely!  This book originally was accompanied by a packet of gimmicked cards for all of the effects.  You will not be supplied the gimmicked cards but should easily find them from any magic supply store.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Blind Ambition” – Four Aces are shown.  It is explained that the Ace of Spades is flashier than the rest of the Aces.  It is a very ambitious card.  No matter where it is placed in a packet of cards, it will always rise to the top.  After several demonstrations of this, the spectators might suspect that more than four different cards might be in play.  The magician freely admits that this is the case, except that the four cards are all Queens!  Lest the Queens get punished for cheating, however, they exercise their own ambitions and fly off to Monte Carlo … leaving only blank cards behind!  (Gaff Cards Needed – Two Blank Faced cards, One blank back Queen of Diamonds – the same cards are used for the “Invisible Travelers” routine too!)
  • “Neo-Impressionists” – Three cards are introduced as trained impressionists.  Three cards are selected from the deck.  The first selection is presented to the Impressionist Packet.  Immediately, all three impressionists copy the selection by matching its face.  The same thing happens when introduced to the second and third selected cards.  Wondering what the impressionists look like on their day off, the magician turns them over to reveal that all three have blank faces! (Gaff Cards Needed – Two Blank Faced cards, One Blank Backed card)
  • “McHenry Sleeper Aces II” – Four Jacks are displayed, then lost into the deck.  Since these are “Jumping” Jacks, each Jack proceeds to pop out of the deck, face-up.  As a final demonstration of their ability, the Jacks are laid out in the infamous “T” formation.  When mixed in with three indifferent cards, each Jack jumps back to the leader packet.  This routine is a refinement of David’s earlier published version.  (Gaff Cards Needed – Two Double Facers, each showing a different Jack on one side)


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