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By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

Six Stand-Up, No Table routines for the Locking Half Shell (A.K.A, Ultimate Three Fly Gimmick).  The routines in this book epitomize the ultimate approach to coin magic using a combination of gaffs and sleights to produce the maximum effect on the audience.  To accomplish that level of astonishment, each effect is a 3 routine set, where you begin the set with a routines performed with normal coins … then you “ring in” the gaffs … then end cleanly!

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Rubbed Across” – Three coins are produced, one at a time.  They then jump from one hand into the other, one at a time … and finally … vanish … one at a time!
  • “Stand-Up Fingertip Wild Coin” – Silver coins are produced, one at a time, from the elbows.  the coins cavort a little, then a magic Chinese coin is introduced.  Under the influence of the Chinese coin, each silver coin changes into a Chinese coin … then changes back to silver.  Finally, the coins vanish, one at a time, leaving only the Chinese coin for examination.
  • “One Touch Ultimate Three Fly” – Three coins appear, each in an unexpected manner and place.  They jump from one hand to the other, then all vanish, only to reappear in the pocket.  They then jump from hand to hand again and finally vanish, one at a time!
  • “No Touch Three Fly Changer” – Free molecules of silver are plucked out of the air in the form of three coins.  Sometimes, they appear in unexpected places … only to vanish and reappear repeatedly.  Finally, the three coins are held in the right fingertips.  One at a time, they vanish from the right fingertips and appear at the left fingertips, with the hands NEVER coming into contact!  Suddenly, the coins all change to Chinese coins!  Best of all … this routine can be done standing up with no table.


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