Dave Neighbors – The Las Vegas Lecture

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  • Super Fly
  • Three Back
  • Coffee, Tea, or Ramsay
  • Silver Alchemist
  • Flow Assembly
  • Passing Through Again
  • Sandy gets the U.R.G.E
  • Framed International
  • Invisible Placement
  • Cardless
  • Animation
  • Silver Brass Transposition
  • Toss Vanish
  • Finger Palm Click Pass
  • Finger Tip Utility Switch
  • Soft Palm Technique
  • Finger Tip Retention Vanish
  • Matrix Moves
  • Kurtz Classic Palm to Finger Palm Transfer
  • Big Nac Attack
  • Palm to Palm Switch
  • Spider Vanish
  • Placement Vanish
  • Friction Pass
  • Popup Move
  • H.P.C.
  • Covered One Hand Switch
  • Utility Switch Finesse
  • Drop Click Pass
  • Thumb Palm Transfer
  • Double Shuttle Pass
  • Friction Click Pass
  • Pushout Shuttle Pass
  • Thumb Palm Click Pass
  • Trap Vanish
  • False Counts
  • Classic Vanish
  • French Drop
  • Classic Palm Click Pass
  • Covered Utility Switch
  • Shelled Visual Drop Change
  • Ramsay Coin Through The Hand
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By David Neighbors

In addition to containing some of David’s most sought out coin routines, you will be introduced to his philosophy and handling of multiple coin sleights.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Coffee, Tea, and Ramsay” – Three coins vanish from your hands, one at a time, appearing in a cup.  This is David’s handling of the Ramsay “The Three Coins and Hat” classic.
  • “Silver Alchemist” – The magician talks about the art of changing basic metals into precious ones, known as alchemy.  He gives a visual example of this by showing three brass and three silver coins, placing the silver coins into a coin purse.  Holding the brass coins in his hand, they change into silver, one at a time.  When the magician dumps the coins out of the purse, they are copper and not the expected brass coins!
  • “Framed International” – Three  coins are produced from and vanished into a purse frame.


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