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  • Wine Glass and Silks
  • Quick Shot II (Coins to Glass)
  • Card to pocket, to pocket, to pocket, to pocket
  • No Gaff Ring Flight
  • Bent Outta Shape
  • Three Coins Thru The Pocket
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By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

Stand Up Lecture Notes from 1993

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Quick Shot II” – A stand up handling for coins to glass.  Three coins vanish, one at a time, from one hand and travel invisibly across to land in a glass held in the other hand.  The magician offers to repeat the effect, the “hard” way … and this time, all three coins travel instantly to land in the glass!
  • “Card to pocket, to pocket, to pocket, to pocket” –  A card is selected, signed, and replaced in the deck.  It immediately jumps out of the deck into the performer’s pants pocket.  The card is placed back int the deck … and rediscovered in the pocket.  This is repeated again.  It is placed back into the deck and immediately vanished and is found in the performers sleeve.  The card is removed and placed back into the deck.  The performer checks his pocket again, only to discover that the deck has vanished, leaving only the signed card in his hands.
  • “Bent out of Shape” – What?!?!?!  Dave has a key bending routine?  In this routine, you bend a key selected by a spectator, then a second key, and then you give your spectator the power to bend a third key … all with no extra gimmicks involved!


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