Dave Neighbors on the Double Coin Gimmick

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  • Section I: Sleights
    • Handling for Marlo’s Spider Vanish
    • Palm to Palm Switch
    • Flip Down Steal
    • Dingle-Schneider Pickup Move
    • One Ahead Load
    • Soft Palm Technique
    • The Pop Up Move
    • Gleason’s Shuttle Pass Variant
  • Section II: Matrix Routines
    • Backfire Reverse
    • Two Card Backfire Reverse
    • Sympathetic Backfire
    • Complete Backfire Reverse
    • Instant Assembly and Vanish
    • Succession Matrix
  • Section III: Miscellaneous Routines
    • Coins to Pocket
    • Tabled Coins to Pocket
    • Succession Chink-a-Chink
    • Just Hanging Around
    • Surprise Coins Thru Table
    • Backfire Visible Coins Thru Glass


By David Neighbors, Ken Simmons

As you read through this book, you will find several ideas, applications, and sleights that are original with David Neighbors.  Dave is one of the best coin workers (and creators) around today.  As Marlo once said, “Some of the best kept secrets are those items in print, without pictures!”  You fill find some great ones in this book.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Backfire Reverse” – Same as the classic Matrix plot but with an unexpected double surprise finish.
    • “Backfire” segment of routine: Four coins are placed under four cards in standard Matrix layout.  Instantly, three coins gather under one card and only once coin remains under another card.  Then, all of a sudden, the three coins all at once jump over to join the one coin under its card … rather than the usual, i.e., the single coin doesn’t join the three coins as in other routines.
    • “Reverse” segment of routine: This is when the coins, after having gathered under one card, instantly and unexpectedly vanish from beneath the card and reappear back to beneath their respective cards, from where thy started.  This “Reverse” idea belongs and is credited to Paul Gertner.
  • “Complete Backfire Reverse” – In this version of the “Backfire Reverse” theme, using only ONE card, you will be able to actually show four coins as having gathered beneath the card.  This is a ‘First’ because no other single card “Backfire Reverse” Matrix type routine in print will allow you to show the four coins, before the “Reverse” segment of the effect!
  • “Instant Assembly and Vanish” – If you had to pick only one routine, learn it, and use it forever, THIS IS IT!  The performer show four cards which are placed in a square formation.  Four coins are removed from a coin purse then one coin is openly placed under each card.  Explaining the effect of the classic Matrix plot, the performer pauses then suddenly says, “We’ll skip through all of that non-sense – watch, all at once!”  The performer slowly turns over the cards, one at a time, three of the coins have vanished from beneath their cards and have jumped to under the fourth card … ALL four coins are seen … it’s that clean!  The four coins are now covered with a card.  The performer snaps his fingers then immediately snaps the card upward … all four coins have vanished!  The performer then produces the four coins from the coin purse, which has been in full view during the entire performance.


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