Dave Neighbors – Freshly Minted

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  • Sleight Section
    • Dave Neighbors Handling of Marlo’s Spider Vanish
    • Palm to Palm Switch
    • Soft Palm Technique
    • Flip Down Steal
    • Gleason’s Shuttle Pass Variant
  • Routines
    • Capped
    • The Alchemistic Coin
    • Progressive Matrix Routine
  • Bonus Section
    • All Jazzed Up
    • Fruit Cocktail
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By David Neighbors, Ken Simmons, Ed Andres, Rus Broomhall, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

This book was written primarily as notes for David’s lecture, but even if you did not attend the lecture, you should have no problem learning any of the material here.  It’s all great stuff!  Special attention should be paid to ALL of the material!

Highlighted Effects:

  • “The Alchemist Coin” – A half dollar, representing an alchemist, explains the performer, causes three Chinese coins to visibly change to half dollars.  These three coins are later shown to have changed back to the Chinese coins.
  • “Progressive Matrix Routine” – Three matrix phases combined into one impressive routine.  David’s humorous patter is about “invisible” coins.  The plots aren’t new, yet you will see few performers doing routines as excellent as this.
    • Phase one, four cards are placed onto the table in standard matrix layout.  The performer takes out some “invisible” coins from his pocket and places one “invisible” coin under each card.  By the fourth card, the audience thinks the performer is talking crazy!  The cards are picked up and visible coins appear under each one.
    • Phase two, the performer places a coin under each card in standard matrix layout.  With a snap of his fingers, the cards are flipped over to show they have instantly vanished and joined the coin under the lower right card!
    • Phase three, the performer places a coin under each card in standard matrix layout.  With a snap of his fingers, the performer says, “Did I ever show you the trick using invisible coins?”  All of the cards are flipped over to show all coins have vanished!
  • “All Jazzed Up” – This is David’s version of Peter Kane’s “Jazz Aces”.  It is a neat routine with a definite surprise climax.  Many versions have been published, but the one that inspired David was John Bannon’s “Be-Bop Deluxe” from his book Mirage – Modern Card Magic.


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