Coinjuring – Volume One

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  • Sleights, Moves, Procedures, and Commentary
    • Backpalm
    • Coin Steal
    • Finger Roll Change
    • Flip Over Load
    • Front Face Down Load
    • Han Ping Chien
    • Kick Vanish
    • Lap Retrieval
    • L’Home Masque’
    • One Ahead Load
    • Palm to Palm Switch
    • Pop-Up Procedure
    • Revolve Vanish
    • Ring
    • Schneider Classic Vanish
    • Spellbound Move
    • Spider Vanish
    • Turn Around Move
  • Heavy Work Made Easy
    • Super Simple Matrix
    • Easy Two Card Reverse
    • Up Front Backfire
    • Federal Reserve Vacuum
    • Coin in the Bottle
  • Advanced Routines
    • China Change
    • Super Tap
    • Four Gone
    • First Class Flight
    • Okito Six Coin Silver Brass Transposition
  • Going International
    • Sandy
    • Just Passing Through
    • Foreign Port
    • Trilogy Assembly
      • U.N. Flashback
      • U.N. Sympathetic
      • Instant Replay
    • Triple Spellbound
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By David Neighbors, Bob Nash, and Rus Broomhall

Ed Marlo called David Neighbors the “Coinjurer” and so ‘Coinjuring’ was born!  This is a three part volume on coin magic.  Part one, “Heavy Work Made Easy” is an attempt to bring more advanced looking coin work to the hands of the novice.  Part two, “Advanced Routines” are formal condition routines for the close-up table.  Part three, “Going International” consists of routines with an international twist of using three or four different coins.

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Easy Two Card Reverse” – The classic sympathetic coins – four coins assemble under one of two playing cards and then instantly return to their original positions on the pad.
  • “Coin in the Bottle” – Excellent standup routine and spin on coin in the bottle.  A coin visibly appears inside a small bottle.  The bottle then disappears leaving just the coin.
  • “First Class Flight” – Four coins vanish from the hand, one at a time, and appear under a playing card.
  • “Just Passing Through” (International Coins through the Table) – An English penny, a half dollar, and a Mexican centavo penetrate a table top one at at time, with a surprise reversal on the last coin.  They then penetrate the table all at once.
  • “Foreign Port” (International Portable Hole) – Three coins are produced from a purse frame.  The coins disappear into the hole and reappear in the purse.  The coins then disappear and reappear under the hole.  Two of the coins under the hole transpose with one that has been placed in the pocket.  Surprisingly, two giant coins appear under the hole.


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