Making it Look Like Real Magic !

Making it Look Like Real Magic
David Neighbors

I am always trying to push the envelope. I try to make an effect cleaner, cutting down on the excess or re-handling’s to make it look more like magic.

Someone once said (probably Marlo), “If it were really magic, how would it look?”

Of course, in trying to make something look more like real magic, you have to consider the circumstances.

Sure, if I had real magical powers, maybe I could just make a million dollars appear, or teleport myself to the Bahamas, or be loved by a few beautiful women.

But, maybe magical powers aren’t that easy to come by and use. Maybe it’s like the Force in Star Wars, it’s just something we can tap into. If you’re familiar with Willow the Witch on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she didn’t get the mastery of time and space at the drop of a hat. She had to work hard for her powers. Early on she wasn’t sure that she’d be able to float anything more than a pencil. Only later did she learn to do more.

So, sometimes we can get it to work like we want and sometimes we can’t. Suppose I do a false placement of a coin into my hand. Perhaps it doesn’t vanish the first time I try, giving me motivation to open my hand just a little, to see why it didn’t go. Psychologically, this works to tell the audience that the coin is still there. Why would I look into my hand if the coin wasn’t there? Then I close my hand again and make it vanish on me “second” attempt.

I want the effect to look like trick photography, just like you might see in a science fiction movie. I am probably never going to get to that exact point, but it’s what I’m reaching for. I’m always on that road, always on the journey, always trying to get better. And I think you should be, too.

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