The Professional Coin Box Magic of Dave Neighbors

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This is a entire book on coin box magic and manipulation. It presupposes a knowledge of basic coin and coin box handling (Boston and Okito) and, thus, is written for magicians at the intermediate to advanced skill levels.

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Written and illustrated by John T. Hopkins.

These diabolical, stunning routines embody traditional sleights as well as applications of sleights original with Dave Neighbors. Two of the routines are comprised of four independent and interconnected effects. The book is a comb-bound paperback, 111 pages with 115 photographic illustrations.

Contents of The Professional Coin Box Magic

  • The Box of Mystery
  • Coin Box Cycle
    • Instantaneous Production of Four Coins from Box
    • Sequential Production of Four Coins from Box
    • The Coins Return, Singly and Backfire
    • The Return of the Wild
  • Harmonic Coinvergence
  • Imagination
  • A Curious Concatenation
  • Eins, Zwei, … Dry Cleaned


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