Silver and Pasteboards – The Close Up Magic of David Neighbors

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  • Coins
    • Easy Impact – Three Handkerchief Assemblies
    • Cannibals, Cannibals
    • Table Squeeze
    • Thanks to Kaps
  • Cards
    • The Denver Opener
    • Slow Motion Oil and Water
    • Face Up Reset
    • Reverse Assembly
    • McHenry’s Sleeper Aces
    • Slow Hand Blues
    • Direct Slow Motion Reverse
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By David Neighbors, Robert D. LaRue, Jr.

Released in 1993, this book contains a mixture of creative and visually magical coin and card magic from David Neighbors.  Hint … hint … do not pass up “Cannibals, Cannibals”!

Highlighted Effects:

  • “Easy Impact – Three Handkerchief Assemblies” – A silk hank is spread on the table and the corners are folded inward.  A half dollar is slipped under each corner.  One at a time, the coins assemble under one corner.  Offer to repeat the effect.  Return the coins to their respective corners.  This time, the coins travel diagonally across the hank and penetrate up through the hank … only to suddenly reverse direction and assemble all at once under the hank.  Finally, the coins assemble invisibly under one corner … only to suddenly vanish completely, leaving only the empty hank.
  • “Table Squeeze” – This is a variation of John Kennedy’s “Translocation” effect from his lecture III notes, in which four half dollars travel, one at a time, from underneath one hand to the other.  Thanks to to Marvin J. Leventhal and Dan Harlan for permission to reprint this routine from September 1990 issue of The Minotaur.  You don’t want to pass up this visual effect!
  • “McHenry’s Sleeper Aces” – David has taken several ideas from, as the title indicates, “MacDonald’s $100 Ace Routine” (Frank Garcia), “O’Henry Aces” (Wesley James) and “Magician’s Sleeper Aces” (Darwin Ortiz and Marvin Johnson) and has come up with one slick routine!  At first glance, you might shy away from this routine either because of the use of gaff cards or because of the long description … please don’t!
  • “Slow Hand  Blues” – Twelve cards, including the four Aces, are removed from a red backed deck.  The cards are counted into four piles, with one Ace in each pile.  One at a time, the Aces invisibly leap through space to join the leader Ace of Spades.  In the end, the Aces are turned face down to reveal that they have blue backs!


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