Not Just Coins

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  • Dave Neighbors Visits The Three Ball Trick
  • From the Attic
  • Coins Across to China
  • Let’s Get Wild
  • Stand Up Progressive Pocket Jumpers
  • In Your Hands Color Monte
  • Bubble Gum Embarrassment
  • No Gaff Ring Flight
  • Ring on Wand Transposition
  • Two Card Reverse Changers
  • Stand Up Triple Change Wild Coin
  • Vanishing Free Flight
  • Moveable Hole
  • Jack Daniels Matrix
  • Color Changing Knife
  • New Vanishing Matrix
  • Sugar Packet Trick


By David Neighbors

Reflected in the title, you will be introduced to David Neighbors creativity and approach to creating visually stunning magic effects with more than just coins!

Highlighted Effects:

  • “David Neighbors Visits The Three Ball Trick” – The magician produces a ball from his empty hands.  The ball vanishes and reappears in the performer’s pocket.  The ball multiplies into three balls.  The balls go into the pocket and come back multiple times only to ultimately vanish!
  • “From the Attic” – The magician tells how earlier in the day he was sorting through old boxes in the attic when he came across a box of magic stuff.  Inside the box were some of the very first magic tricks he owned.  Opening a small velvet bag, the magician brings forth a Ball & Vase Set found at any magic shop.  Demonstrating the ancient trick, the magician repeatedly makes the ball jump into and out of the vase … then instantly expands to be nearly as large as the entire vase!  The ball shrinks back down to normal size.  Upon examination by the spectator, they find the ball is permanently lodged in the vase and cannot be removed.
  • “New Vanishing Matrix” – Four playing cards are placed on the table in the standard matrix fashion (one in each corner of the close-up pad).  A quarter is placed under each playing card.  The playing cards are turned over only to find that the quarters have vanished.
  • “Sugar Packet Tick” – The magician displays a Sugar packet and a Sweet’N Low packet.  He places the Sugar packet into his left pocket.  It returns to join the Sweet’N Low packet in his right hand.  This time, the magician places the Sugar packet into his right pocket and it returns to join the Sweet’N Low packet in the right hand.  The Sugar packet is taken into his left hand as the Sweet’N Low is taken into his right hand.  One hand is shown empty as the other hand shows it contains both packets. This is repeated and in the end, all packets vanish!


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