Backfire Reverse

Want to learn this?  You can find it in the following book:

  • $25.00

    Dave Neighbors on the Double Coin Gimmick


    • Section I: Sleights
      • Handling for Marlo’s Spider Vanish
      • Palm to Palm Switch
      • Flip Down Steal
      • Dingle-Schneider Pickup Move
      • One Ahead Load
      • Soft Palm Technique
      • The Pop Up Move
      • Gleason’s Shuttle Pass Variant
    • Section II: Matrix Routines
      • Backfire Reverse
      • Two Card Backfire Reverse
      • Sympathetic Backfire
      • Complete Backfire Reverse
      • Instant Assembly and Vanish
      • Succession Matrix
    • Section III: Miscellaneous Routines
      • Coins to Pocket
      • Tabled Coins to Pocket
      • Succession Chink-a-Chink
      • Just Hanging Around
      • Surprise Coins Thru Table
      • Backfire Visible Coins Thru Glass